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3 Reasons You Need Enterprise Antivirus Software

Tech Talk: 3 Reasons You Need Enterprise Antivirus Software


Most computer users are somewhat familiar with anti-virus software. If I asked you "What do you know about antivirus software?" Chances are you would reply, "You need it." Well, yea every computer and every network should be secure, but what's the best solution?

Computer One partners with Sophos antivirus software. When it comes to antivirus, these guys wrote the book. Sophos is what we trust our own computers to. In today's blog we'll discuss 3 reasons you need an enterprise antivirus software solution like Sophos.

  1. Protect Your Network
  2. Basically this software sees what the human eye cannot. Sophos is built to detect firewalls and unwanted network intrusions. One cool feature in the Sophos network management dashboard is that you can block certain regions of the world from accessing your network. For example, let's say you and your company don't have any business in Mongolia. With a few clicks you can block that region and any IP addresses from that region. Sophos is completely editable to you and your network system.

  3. Protect Your Employees
  4. No matter what industry you're in, you utilize email to some degree. Sophos offers email protection and anti-spam solutions that keep your inboxes free of spam, fishing schemes, and other malicious messages. This software is crucial for dental offices sharing medical information or legal offices sending confidential messages. 

  5. Protect Your Office Visitors
  6. If your office has a waiting room, chances are you've heard this before, "What's your wifi password?" Allowing office visitors onto your wireless network can be risky. However, with the right antivirus protection, you and your office visitors are completely safe. Sophos software allows you to add an access point to your LAN line to provide secure wifi. Sophos software provides the strongest encryption standards available while giving you, and your visitors, consistent, speedy internet service.

We encourage all of our customers to utilize antivirus software to keep you, your employees and your visitors safe! Let Computer One install your antivirus  software today.

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