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Darlene, Office Manager for Dr. John Oubre DDS

"We have been working with Computer One for over 20 years now. We pay a monthly fee for Computer One to maintain all of our systems, the most important thing they do is keep up and take care of all of our system updates. We use a dental software management system that requires updates, we will just get a notification from the software, and Computer One will come in and handle it.

Also, another part of the monthly maintenance is that they can dial in from their office and help us with any issue we may be having. We don't have technical issues often, but when we do I can call them and get immediate assistance. They give me all their numbers and I never have any problem getting in touch with them.

Computer One holds our hand through all of our technology needs. If we need a new piece of equipment or something they will make recommendations and they can order it for us straight from Dell or we can go out and buy it ourselves. Then they will come in, hook it up and get it running for us.

Computer One has excellent customer service, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of an IT company."

Dr. Christy Barras DDS, Barras Family Dentistry

"We have been working with Computer one since we opened nine years ago. They provide all of our dental software needs like our dental program, Dentrix.

Computer One does everything from helping us set up our email, they help us set up Dentrix, they help us trouble-shoot problems in the office and they've even helped us with our x-ray

software. Everything we call them for, they have an answer and will point us in the right direction.

We mostly work over the phone with Computer One, on average 2 times a week. They've been in our office once last week and once this week as well. I have Bruce's and Austin's cell phone number and we even text our questions to them and they always make sure to check up on us and ensure the problem was solved. They help us coordinate everything, really great customer service.

They also helped us with our plans when we built our building. Bruce advised us to where the computers and phones should go, and have all the wiring in the right place. If someone asked me for a recommendation I would say you've got to call Bruce! I am grateful for their service."

Pat Simien, Office Manager for Simien & Miniex Attorneys at Law

"Simien and Miniex has been working with Computer One since 1993, and they were referred to us by the architect who built our office building. During the 21 years we've worked with Computer One, we've gotten to know both Scotty and Bruce, and we have recommended them to a variety of people.

Computer One is our full IT solution. They do everything for us. They install computers, manage our network, our backup system, our network security, they help with email and they recommend any equipment we may need. If we have any kind of technical issue, that's the first thing we do: call Computer One. When I call Computer One their staff is knowledgeable and friendly, there is always someone present to answer my question.

Being a law office, our system can never go down. Computer One continuously follows up with us to make sure everything is running correctly.

Once, we had a big trial going on, and we needed a computer to be installed. Our office was bustling, so Bruce came in on a Saturday and worked all day to make sure the computer was set up and everything was running smoothly. They even gave me their direct cell phone number that I can call when I need them.

Computer One set up and monitors all of our back-up systems. It's really nice because sometimes they will even call and say, "Pat you didn't back-up last night." And they will help us to make sure everything is saved, safe and secure.

They recommend Windows products, but they know I like to work on a Mac. They didn't try to talk me out of it or sell me on anything. They just found a solution and a product for me to use Window programs on my Mac.

Computer One provides very awesome customer service. I always feel like I am taken care of. I have recommended Computer One to colleagues friends and continue to recommend them. "

Dr. Jacob A. Deniakos, SOLA Dental

“Hands down the best. Bruce and his team of professionals consistently deliver high-quality service and expertise to our business. They have the answer whenever we need help with anything IT-related at the office, from routine requests to installing new equipment to planning out our renovation. Just amazing people to work with all around. Don't hesitate to give them a call!”

Pam Landaiche, Lafayette Bar Association

“Computer One is always very responsive to the needs of the Lafayette Bar Association. We rely heavily on their expertise and rapid response time. Highly recommend them for all IT needs.”

Katie Deshotel

“Computer One provides top-notch support! They are always there when we need them and get every issue resolved quickly and efficiently. It's nice to know you can count on such a knowledgeable and friendly staff! Chaz is usually who helps me, and he always fixes my issues with a smile. He's the best!”

Camenzuli Dental Excellence

“We love our Computer One team :) Bruce and Austin are always make our office feel like a top priority. Their team is super friendly when we call and are always there to help. They are very personable and professional. Thank you Computer One team, Bruce and Austin for all you do for our office.”

Zay J

“Computer One has been extremely professional in my time working with them! Working at a law office means we always need to have our equipment up and running efficiently. The team has been great at making sure I stay connected whether I am in or out of the office. Chaz was a great help in getting my office programs fixed when I experienced trouble. Computer One is highly recommended for all of your tech needs!”

Tennille LeBlanc

“Megan, Austin, Chaz, Bruce, Jeff and Shawntell have been extremely helpful, patient and informative. Each Computer One tech you reach always made sure I understood valuable support information to help with my future issues, but are always at my finger tips when I'm in need. They continue to go above and beyond when it comes to their attention to detail and remembering the customer. Great customer service.”

Frugé Marketing

“We have a 3 doctor, orthodontic practice with multiple locations and have a fantastic working relationship with Computer One. They have been dependable and consistent handling all of our IT needs for years. The staff handles calls with professionalism and efficiency. We highly recommend this company for your IT needs!”

TC Becky

“I have worked in the orthodontic field for 18 years and have a lot of experience working with IT companies over the years. Computer One has been by far the best IT company I have worked with. They are always available and solve our issues promptly. The staff is very friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Computer One for all your IT needs!!”

Anna Crow

“Computer One is the absolute best for all of you computer/IT needs. They are always kind and willing to help out in any way that they can. Working at a dental office, we rely heavily on our computers. We always know that we can call Computer One and get the best service possible. Fast, friendly and reliable service. Call Computer One for all of your computer needs!”

Ally Payne

“HANDS DOWN THE BEST IT COMPANY THERE IS! Chaz is amazing and so helpful and patient! I bug them at least twice a week with simple questions and they are always so easy going and don't let it show how annoying I am! Highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new IT team!”

Mary Malagarie

“Our oilfield business has been working with Computer One for a few years and they are extremely quick in solving any issues that may arise with our computer system. Chaz, Bruce and the rest of the team at Computer One are very knowledgeable and most importantly, very friendly and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Computer One!!”

Jimmy Babineaux

“Very helpful and knowledgeable. We had problems with our software that we use and NEED to function daily. They were quick to solve the problem and get us back up and running! Thanks to Chaz for his hard work! Great company and we love doing business with them!!”

Debbie Angelle

“Great service and team this firm has working for them.

The Owner Bruce handled my situation and I'm thankful for his assistance in a quick turnaround.”

Matthew Oubre

“Our orthodontics practice has worked with Computer One for over 20 years now. They have helped set up all of our technical systems over the years, keep us up to date with improvements, they are immediately available with support via phone and when needed they promptly send someone over to help with any issues to always keep us up and running without slowing us down. I would highly recommend their services to any person or business seeking help with IT systems and support.”