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Law offices have long been recognized as major paper consumers; they even have their own paper size.

However, according to a study conducted in January 2015 by Law Technology Today, 47% of lawyers polled want to transition to a paperless office, and 25% of lawyers want to update their legal software and also store information in the cloud.

Computer One is here to help your office transition

We specialize in providing time management software, billing software, and law practice management software to legal offices across Louisiana. We also offer complete network security and antivirus solutions to ensure your critical data is safe. Computer One partners with Sophos and Intronis backup software companies to provide reliable offsite and onsite backup solution to ensure your data is fully protected.

Setting up a new office?

Computer one has over 30 years of experience in technology solutions. Let us help plan your new space by advising the best solutions for your current and future technology needs.

We're here to welcome your office to the technology era and maintain your principle assets every step of the way, we look forward to working with you.


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