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Network Security

Most computer users are somewhat familiar with anti-virus software. 

If I asked you "What do you know about antivirus software?" Chances are you would reply, "You need it." Well, yea every computer and every network should be secure, but what's the best solution?

Computer One partners with Sophos and Intronis enterprise antivirus software to provide reliable protection to our customers (and our own) computers. We offer antivirus updates and monitoring, firewall updates, spyware detection and removal, and security patch management. Not only do computer viruses corrupt your files and bring down your network, it can also hurt your credibility with your customers. If a sneaky virus attacks your email account, all of your contacts and customers are affected.

Enterprise antivirus software sees what the human eye cannot. Sophos is built to detect firewalls and unwanted network intrusions. Sophos is more than a little installation, it comes with a full security dashboard. You can see all interactions your computer is facing.

You've heard the old phrase. 

The only thing that is constant is change. With advances in technology, it takes a trained technician to monitor and perform regular maintenance on your network to keep it protected and secure. Computer One provides antivirus software to protect you, your network, your employees and your office visitors. Contact us and let Computer One install your antivirus software today.