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Microsoft Ends Support for 2003 Server July 14, 2015

Tech Talk: Microsoft Ends Support for 2003 Server July 14, 2015


Did you know that on July 14, 2015, Microsoft will end support for all 2003 servers? 

What does this mean for you? 

Well if your business is still using Microsoft's 2003 servers, as of July 14, 2015 Microsoft will no longer support it. This means no updates, no patches, and no security renewals.

Maybe you're thinking, well it probably doesn't update that often anyway, does it? Wrong. In 2013 alone, Microsoft performed 37 critical updates to the 2003 server. So no more support means that your technology and your network will be vulnerable to any and all security threats.

More $$$ 

Trying to maintain the 2003 server will cost exponentially more than updating. You will need more firewall support and more maintenance on the older equipment.

Additionally, if your business continues to use Microsoft 20003 server after July 14, 2015, your technology will fail to meet most industry-wide compliance standards and regulations.

Move now!

Don't consider this a breakup with your server! Leaving the 2003 gives your business an opportunity for change. The latest windows programs provide enterprise class scalability and increased performance. Also, cloud options like Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 deliver applications faster and increase office productivity.

The new Microsoft 2012 server offers faster performance and the equipment is more energy efficient, using less power than the 2003 server.

Why expose your business to unnecessary risk?

Take advantage of this opportunity and start your migration today! Computer One, conveniently located in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a certified Microsoft Partner and we will to walk you through each step of the migration process. We'll take care of transferring your data, installing new equipment and monitoring the system to ensure it is running effectively and efficiently. We'll work to make your server transition as smooth as possible. Contact Computer One today to get started with your migration plan. 


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