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Customer Testimonial - Dr. Christy Barras

Tech Talk: Customer Testimonial - Dr. Christy Barras


Computer One is proud to say that we have the best customers. Many of our loyal customers have become friends, and we are happy to build relationships with our customers while continuing to provide superior technology services. This is definitely this case with Dr. Christy Barras at Barras Family Dentistry. In today's blog post we will feature an interview conducted with Dr. Barras to discuss her experience working with Computer One.

Dr. Christy Barras, Barras Family Dentistry

"We have been working with Computer One since we opened nine years ago. They provide all of our dental software needs including our dental program, Dentrix."

"Computer One does everything from helping us set up our email, run Dentrix, they help us trouble shoot problems in the office and they've even helped us with our x-ray software. Everything we call them for, they have an answer and will point us in the right direction."

"We mostly work over the phone with Computer One, on average 2 times a week. They've been in our office once last week and once this week as well. I have Bruce's and Austin's cell phone number and we even text our questions to them and they always make sure to check up on us and ensure the problem was solved. They help us coordinate everything, really great customer service."

"They also helped us with our plans when we built our building. Bruce advised us to where the computers and phones should go, and have all the wiring in the right place. If someone asked me for a recommendation I would say you've got to call Bruce! I am grateful for their service."

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