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Can You Trust Your Internet Browser?

Tech Talk: Can You Trust Your Internet Browser?


The web can be a dangerous place. No this isn't your grandmother talking, we're serious! Our users have gotten extremely comfortable posting on the web, sharing statuses, purchasing gifts and paying bills. But did you know that with each and every website you visit, you are susceptible to viruses  and, even worse, hackers.

Keep Your Assets Safe

You may think, well I use Firefox, and I've heard it's the best. Yes, browsers have come a long way and are reliable to some degree; however, regular browsers don't do enough to protect your purchases, your credit cards, and especially your identity.

But… there is hope! WhiteHat Aviator Web Browser is your solution to safely browsing the web. WhiteHat Aviator is the best, easiest and safest way to bank, shop, browse and post while halting viruses, advertisements and hackers.

Reliable Technology

WhiteHat Aviator is built on Chromium, similar to Google Chrome. Chromium has several unique features that allow maximum security. One item is Sandbox. Sandbox serves as a quicksand mote between you and a website. Any malicious data on a website has to get through Sandbox to get to you, which isn't going to happen.

Available for Free Download

WhiteHat Aviator comes pre-packaged and ready for use. It automatically has dense security and privacy settings, putting you at a major advantage. White Hat is different than other browsers in that they do not succumb to advertisers, they even pledge not to sell your data!

WhiteHat's sole mission is to help people and companies conduct business safely and securely. Computer One wants the best for our customers, so get started by downloading WhiteHat Aviator today. Give us a call, and we can walk you through the installation, or even come to your office to download it for you!

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