Darlene, Office Manager for Dr. John Oubre DDS

"We have been working with Computer One for over 20 years now.  We pay a monthly fee for Computer One to maintain all of our systems, the most important thing they do is keep up and take care of all of our system updates.  We use a dental software management system that requires updates, we will just get a notification from the software, and Computer One will come in and handle it.

Also, another part of the monthly maintenance is that they can dial in from their office and help us with any issue we may be having.  We don’t have technical issues often, but when we do I can call them and get immediate assistance.  They give me all their numbers and I never have any problem getting in touch with them.

Computer One holds our hand through all of our technology needs.  If we need a new piece of equipment or something they will make recommendations and they can order it for us straight from Dell or we can go out and buy it ourselves.  Then they will come in, hook it up and get it running for us.

Computer One has excellent customer service, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of an IT company."