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Patient Communication Made Simple - Lighthouse 360

Tech Talk: Patient Communication Made Simple - Lighthouse 360


Are you looking for an easier way to communicate with your patients? Computer One has a solution Lighthouse 360. Lighthouse 360 provides the technology you need to keep your dental office running smoothly. With real-time communication, you can text patients to confirm appointments directly from your computer dashboard.

More than Appointments

Lighthouse 360 also offers technology to request and obtain patient reviews. Retrieving feedback from your patients can be your most crucial marketing tool, and it's a confidence boost for your staff. With Lighthouse 360, you can send direct links to your patients for review submissions.


Intimidated by technology? Don't be.

Don't be. Lighthouse 360 software is made to be an easy part of your daily routine. Once you populate the system with your contacts, it's a simple click of a button to send appointment reminders, confirmations and notices.

Local. Experienced. Professional.

Computer One is one of two technology companies in Louisiana certified by the National Dental Integrators Association, so we get dentists. We have worked with dentists since 1981, and we understand your needs for fast, easy and reliable technology.

We're Here to Help You Work Smarter

To learn more about Lighthouse 360 and other dental technology services, browse our site and contact our Lafayette, LA office today by calling 337-233-9245. 


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