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Offsite Backup, Why You Need it Now

Tech Talk: Offsite Backup, Why You Need it Now


Ten to fifteen years ago, data backup was simple. You saved all of your network's data to a floppy disk, stored it in your filing cabinet, and went home to watch Seinfeld. But here's the surprise, technology is evolving. Now we utilize more and more data, and as our data grows, our need for secure backup increases.

There are a variety of backup solutions available, but beware, not all backup is created equal. Computer One partners with Datto Backup Solutions to provide reliable and seamless backup options for our customers. In today's blog we will discuss the different backup options on the market to help discover the best solution for your business.

File-Based vs. Image-Based

File-based backups allow you to backup specific folders on an as-needed basis. This process is time consuming, and does not easily allow full restore. Image based backups take a picture of your entire machine. This process is faster, more complete and more reliable.

Agentless vs. Backup Agent

Agentless backup does not require any software to be installed on the machine you want to protect. However a backup agent can monitor sector level changes on the backup drive. Datto has a bonus feature in that there is a backup to the backup agent. With Datto, you receive two backup agents to fully secure your data and ensure a seamless backup process.

Local, Cloud & Hybrid

Local backup solutions save data to an on-site device. This type of backup can be dangerous, if your office is flooded, your backup is gone, and in south Louisiana we know a thing or two about floods.

Direct to cloud backup solutions send data to a secure off-site location. This process can slow your internet speeds; however, cloud based solutions can be your salvation in disaster.

A hybrid backup is a mix of both options, local and cloud. With a hybrid solution, you can schedule cloud backups to occur at specific times, like at night when your office is closed, to not slow down your internet speeds. You can also depend on a local backup during business hours to be up and running in seconds.

Datto offers the best in backup solutions: image based, dual backup agents, and hybrid cloud storing. Contact Computer One today to get started with your unique backup solution!

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