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C1 Recognized by National Dental Integrators Association

Tech Talk: C1 Recognized by National Dental Integrators Association


Computer One is one of two technology companies in the state of Louisiana that is certified by the National Dental Integrators Association. One of two! 

Yea, we're pretty proud of it. But you may be asking, what is the national dental integrators association, and what does that even mean? We'll answer those questions and more in today's blog post!

What is the DIA?

The Dental Integrators Association is a network of leading independent dental technology firms across the United Sates. The DIA was formed to create and deliver a higher standard of technology quality and care for dental practices.

It's simple.

We get dentists. Computer One has been working with dentists since we started in this business in 1981. We understand dental technology better than most dentists. We know what's on the market and what can be the best solution for your particular need. Whether its x-ray imaging technology, appointment confirmation technology, or software programs that run your office, we're here to be your partner in technology.

Check out what some of our dental customers have to say about our services, browse our site, and then contact us today to learn more. We're here to help you work smarter. 


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