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Computer One Announces Bruce Brown to Succeed Scotty Turner as President and CEO

Tech Talk: Computer One Announces Bruce Brown to Succeed Scotty Turner as President and CEO



Lafayette, LA . (Feb 1, 2017) – Computer One, Inc. is thrilled to announce that’s its Board of Directors has approved the decision for E. Bruce Brown, III to succeed Scotty Turner as President and CEO effective February 1st, 2017. Mr. Turner will continue in a consultative position as well as majority owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Computer One has been serving businesses in Lafayette, Louisiana with technology solutions for over 30 years. They offer a variety of services and solutions to help businesses get the most out of their technology, including backup and disaster recovery, network security, IT consulting, and full managed services. Computer One works with a variety of industries across the Gulf Coast, including dental, healthcare, energy, education, government, and legal sectors. They pride themselves in being the technology experts in each of their industries, and the depth of their portfolio reflects the wide range of capabilities and experience.

“I am truly honored to lead this company into the future and welcome the challenges presented by the position. Managing Computer One, to ensure our short and long term growth plans are met, is something I take seriously. Continuing to have Mr. Turner as a mentor to build on our 36 years of success is of great value as we move into a new era of leadership with the company.”

Bruce, 39, has functioned as the company’s Vice President for the past five years with a focus on offering next generation IT solutions, improved internal processes to make the company more efficient as well as continuing a culture of excellent customer service. He places a strong commitment on continuing education for his employees and himself. Bruce recently graduated from the Executive MBA program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Master’s in Business Administration. He believes the knowledge obtained throughout this experience will strengthen and build the already solid foundation the company has been built on.

“Continuing education, in our line of business, is a necessity if you want to compete. Technology changes on a daily basis and having qualified personal to fulfill the business needs of your existing and potential clientele is essential if you want to achieve success. I feel our team has accepted those challenges, allowing us to bring top tier solutions and services to market for our clients.”


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