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5 Tech Tips To Help Your Office Run Efficiently

Tech Talk: 5 Tech Tips To Help Your Office Run Efficiently


Many of our customers are intimidated by technology, and we're here to tell you: technology isn't something to be afraid of! 

In today's blog we will give you 5 tips to help your computer, your system, and your entire office run more efficiently.


Do you ever get frustrated with something, and the best thing you can do is walk away and come back? Yea, your computer feels the same way. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your machine is to simply restart it. 

This gives your computer the chance to shut down, close out all programs, and open fresh. Plus this gives you time to grab a fresh cup of coffee. J

Refresh Your Internet Connection

Just like restarting your computer, sometimes you need to refresh your internet connection. The best way to do this is to simply unplug the power cord from your wireless router. Leave it unplugged for at least 30 seconds; this allows the router to shut down entirely. Then, when you plug it back in you will have a fresh connection. Just make sure to not interrupt any of your coworkers and let them know when you are restarting the connection. They will be happy to pause work knowing you're making it faster for them!

Test Your Speed

After you've already conducted the two tips above, and your internet seems slow, it's time for a speed test. SpeedTest.Net is a great resource to test your internet speed. Putting quantifiable numbers to your issues is crucial to understanding the potential problems and needs. Visit to test your upload and download speed. Then checkout your most recent internet bill to see what speed you're pay for. If your test download speed is 8 Mbps but you pay for 15 Mbps it may be time to alert your service provider.

Check Your Storage

All of the above check out ok? Let's review your storage capacity. From your start menu, visit My Computer. Here you will be able to see how much storage you have used. If the storage bar is red, it may be time to delete some data, back up to an external hard drive, or use one of Computer One's seamless backup solutions.

Know when to call for backup.

We're not just talking about backing up your data, we're talking police sitcom-style calling for backup. Computer One is here to help you work smarter. Let us review your system and see if there is an underlying factor that is affecting your office technology. We work with a variety of industries including healthcare, legal, oil and gas and government entities. Give us a call today and let us be your partner in technology. 


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