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Tech Talk: Computer One Offers HIPAA Security Risk Assessment


The United States Department of Health and Human Services introduced the HIPAA Security Rule to establish national standards to protect individuals' electronic personal health information. 

What does the HIPAA Security Rule mean for patients?

With modern technology, more and more healthcare providers are moving away from hard-copy records and transitioning to electronic cloud-based record-keeping solutions.  As a patient, the US government enforces these rules for healthcare providers to keep your records safe. 

What does the HIPAA Security Rule mean for healthcare providers? 

Healthcare providers must comply with the HIPAA Security Rule requirements to protect the privacy and health information of all patients.  If a healthcare provider does not follow the guidelines set by HIPSA, fines for your practice can start at $50,000 per violation! Take our PCIHIPAA Security Risk Assessment today, only 5 minutes can save your practice, and contact Computer One to learn about our reliable data backup solutions!