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Cloud Based Solutions

It's in the cloud.

Have you backed up to the cloud?  Oh just download it from the cloud.  Where is this mysterious cloud, what is it, and how does it help me?  Cloud based technology relies on an off-site network of shared resources, and it is the fastest growing avenue in our industry.

Why is cloud technology so popular?

It's simple: cloud based programs are easy to use. You may even be using cloud technology without knowing it. One of the cloud based systems Computer One offers to our customers is Microsoft 365, which allows you to access all of your favorite Microsoft programs (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) on the go and from any computer with an internet connection.

What's VoIP?

Another popular, and quickly growing, cloud technology program is Jive Communications. Jive is the best VoIP on the market. Voice Over Internet Protocol –  or simply phone service over the internet. This is a great alternative for phone communications rather than your local phone company. Jive offers a web portal dashboard that allows business owners to quickly add and edit extensions, monitor calls and keep call records. 

Dream Big

You're a business owner, you've got big plans for your company, but you've got to have the tools to get there. Thanks to cloud technology, we can change the way you think about software. You can depend on cloud based programs to update themselves, stand secure and be there when you need it.

Cloud technology is fast, cost-effective, easy to maintain and secure leaving you to focus on the projects that profit your business. Get started and get in the know about the cloud by contacting Computer One today.